7 Futuristic Methods of Transport…(Video)

You may remember your grandparents or even parents recall how they got to school or anywhere for that matter; walking for miles under the hot sun beaming down on them, through rain, hail, and snow. All to get from point A to point B.

Transportation has evolved through time, making life easier for everyone from walking, riding horses and carriages to bicycles, and cars. In this fast-paced world, there is a new invention, discovery or creation every second. And the ability to travel in a faster more convenient way is at the helm of such advances. Here are some of the newest ways to get around.

1. Jyrobike released in mid-2015.

Jyrobike is a bike that allows for children and adults learn how to ride a bike faster. The bike is built with a control hub found in the front of the wheel, keeping the rider steadier, and stable. As the child or adult gets more comfortable and confident, the gyro dial is turned down until eventually it’s turned off.

2. EN-V, unveiled in 2010.

The Electric Networked Vehicle is a two-seater car designed for urban areas. It is produced by Segway Inc. and General Motors. It works autonomously, detects, and avoids obstacles including other vehicles. It can auto-park.

3. Back To The Future II Hover Board.

This is the case of life imitating art. The hovering skateboard comes without wheels and can travel 16 miles per hour and its travel range is 12 miles.

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