Recognize Fake Honey From Raw With A Simple Trick!

Honey is an amazing natural product of nature and bees. They fly all day long in nature to give us something extra healthy. But, there are tons of fake imitations of honey that resemble the natural one so good.

And many honey types and products in the market were heavily processed with chemicals and ingredients to get quantity and less quality and of course, low price.

A public survey showed something for food safety, even 76% of honey types were processed and this is called ultra-filtration. Sadly, this does not just remove the wax but also the pollen in the honey too.

The producers of honey say this filtration must be made for stopping crystals and prolonging the shelf life. But, we customers have no idea of this and instead of benefits we get something else.

Experts made a research and said this filtration is hard to determine exactly and the geography origin of the honey too. That is why we need to avoid this type of honey since it might be contaminated with pollen and we need to learn how to trace this.

Let’s say, Chinese honey has much bad antibiotics and metals due to filtering the honey and still the origins are vague and dark.

Do not buy from Walgreen’s and CVS Pharmacy
KFC and McDonald’s honey has no pollen
Winnie The Pooh from Walmart too
Avoid those from Costco, Sam’s Club, target. 77% of them are pollen free
Other things apart honey are mixed with sugar and glucose and have bad quality mead. This is known as adulterated honey
The pure honey turns to crystals soon. If you refrigerate your honey and it still has no crystals, it is fake.

Read labels. if it contains too much fruit fructose, corn syrup and similar, do not buy.

Mix iodine with water in glass and put a bit of honey. If the honey turns blue, it is fake honey and has corn starch.

Mix drops vinegar and water and add honey. If there is foam, it is a bad sign – the honey has plaster.

Burn a bit honey with match or phosphorus. If it ignites it is natural and good.

Add spoonful in water. If it dissolves it is fake ad sugary. Raw honey never dissolves like that.

Now you can recognize the fake and raw honeys. You need the pollen type, not the sugar and corn starch type!

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